My Friend

At times it feels life is so unfair,
so many burdens, too many cares.

People, they pass not knowing my pain.
How can I tell them, how do I explain?

How I wish I could drop this load I bare.
I feel so weak, does anyone care?

“Why can’t you help me?” I asked a good friend.
He replied, “What can I do? I’ve no time to spend.”

Sitting down for a moment to rest my weary self.
Couldn’t help but to wonder, will I ever get any help?

Suddenly, I heard a voice soft and meek.
“I’ll always be with you, I said I’d never leave.”

I listened for awhile, quietly and still,
and when He spoke again, I knew this voice was real.

“Take My hand and walk with Me,
My yolk is easy and My burden is light.

“Let Me carry this load you bare.
Let Me help you, everything will work out right”

Suddenly, I felt a great relief.
This burden I had carried was being lifted from me.

“Depend on Me, My Friend, I won’t let you down.
I will keep you strong, and plant your feet on solid ground!”

Then I asked, “Who are you to do such things,
to take the time, to even care?”

He replied, “I AM your Friend.
My name is Jesus and I will always be there!


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