MU na ba tayo?

I was surfing the net one time, searching for thoughts about the MU fever then i came across these lines from a confused blogger. “ano ba talaga?!? hayy!ang gulo talaga… unfair di ba?!? di mo alam kung anong status nyo…your doing things na parang kayo, pero hindi…” This could be the same thing some of you are experiencing toward your friend, bestfriend, klasmeyt or katrabaho.

“Love ba talaga ‘to?” At the back of your mind, you’re confused. MU or Mutual Understanding has become a fad in our culture today particularly for teenagers and singles out there. You can hear different stories over and over again MU for ilang months of texting, blogging, chatting, and friendster update after that break na! Iba nman, are prolonging the agony of being attached with someone. Don’t know where they are going? How will their relationship work? In other words, magulong usapan!

The truth is… there is no such thing as MU in a relationship. WHY? Ito kasi ang defense mechanism ng mga taong ayaw ng COMMITMENT. They’re running away from a nerve breaking attachment and responsibility? Instead of being committed, kumitid ang brains nila to comprehend what should be done in a right way. Commitment o Mukhang Unggoy na lang?

Commitment is pledging yourself to a certain purpose and doing it consistently. Moving away from it, ruins your relationship with others and eventually your own life!

How about U? What are ur thoughts, stories about this matter?




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