Commitment not MU

The world teaches a different thing or perspective concerning relationships with the opposite sex. Its okei to be in a “relationship” without a commitment. Kaya super complicated ang journey niyong dalawa.Ang reason ng ilan… “Hassle kase e.” “Ayoko ng additional responsibility.” “Hindi pa ako handa.” Statements such as these doesn’t make any sense. We strongly believe that its more than being attracted with someone or palagay ang loob niyo sa isa’t isa or you said “I love you mwah mwah” to someone.
The question of “Am i ready to spend the rest of my life with this person?” ” Am i willing to do anything for her sake and welfare?” These are basic questions to consider. Commitment is not just a cheap invitation, attracting you to great benefits and advantages. It involves unbelievable cost and supreme sacrifices. Commitment is the answer not MU thing. Commitment looks in the future! One time shot, short time, playing safe doesn’t describe it at all. If you’re not yet ready, stop and think! Spare your heart from aches. Save it and wait for the right time. Build healthy relationships first to your family, friends, classmates, workmates, churchmates.
Think about this.. God’s love for you is not a MU thing. He built it in commitment to fulfill the promise he has set before our hearts. Its a relationship that will never end. Forever, that’s what we call COMMITMENT.
Are you afraid of commitments? What things hinder you to commit faithfully to someone?
Do you need a change on how u personally view things?

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