Dear my future Prince/wumwum

Dear my future Prince/wumwum
I’m saving my heart for you, my creampuff..I hope that you are waiting on me now, like I have been waiting on you. I pray for you everyday and am so excited to meet you. It makes me wonder who you are. A churchmate?A classmates? One of my brothers friend, my sister friends or someone I have never even seen before [exciting huh]. I know that I can see Jesus in your life..
You never have a face or any features even.But I know you’re someone that I’ve been waiting and praying for … And you are there, comforting me and helping me whatever situation I am facing, it may not visible but i can feel it .Do you know why? Because I know that you are the one that God has chosen for me. You are the one that God has prepared for me.. You are the other one that will be formed into me one day.
I don’t get depressed or jealous on Valentine’s Day like the other girls that I know, get pressured to enter into a relationship just beacause they feel lonely…Looking and searching for true love.. Some of them are upset that they have not found their “one true love.” But I have. He is my Creator, my Bestfriend, the Lover of my soul, my Love and my Life, my everything and I am inlove with HIm. He’s giving me patience to wait and courage to endure everything..I know He is holding you for me, too. And molding us into a much better person, preparing us for our meeting, and for our future.
I am waiting when I would stand in the altar and say “i Do” to my prince, But for now, Let God have his way in our lives.Let’s enjoy our friendship with each other and as well as to other people around us.. and be a blessing to other people.. Let’s wait for the right time, His perfect time, then when that time comes, we both can say “all is worth the wait… Coz Im willing to wait, not only because, He has something better for me,and for you but because it honors Him..

He’s the Author of Love.Only when He is in first place are we ready for a God-written love story.
Let’s commit our steps and every aspects of our lives to the Lord each day and ask Him to help us to wait for the right time. In God’s time, He will bring us together to spend our life with for the future…

Love knows that there is no better way to get there than to wait. I know God will eventually reveal you to me, in His time..
Keep Falling in love with God… Love God more than life, love HIM more than you love me…
Te Amo with God’s love


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