Nobody but You

♫… Nobody, nobody but you. I want nobody, nobody but you….♫

Sounds familiar? Of course you should know this! “Nobody but You” is a song by the WonderGirls of Korea. This song recently became popular in the Philippines and has almost all the youth dancing to its steps. People have created dance and exercise routines from this catchy tune.

It’s a song about a special someone. It’s a song about finding someone who completes you, who gives you joy, who’s there for you, who you want to be with, who you enjoy being with, who you enjoy talking to, someone who makes us happy, someone who makes us feel special, makes us feel loved…

Let me ask you, who is that special someone in your life? Some of us find that special someone, that “nobody-but-you,” in the form of our family—parents or brothers or sisters. Some of us find it in our friends, our best friend, our textmate, our chat-mate, etc. And some of us find that special someone in a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

If you truly believe that God is real, who should be that special someone in our lives? To whom should we sing “Nobody, nobody but you?” Who should we look to for joy, for happiness, for contentment, fulfillment?

Sometimes, we tend to look to other people to make us happy, make us feel complete. We forget that it is God alone who can answer all our needs, who can make us truly happy, who can make us feel at peace. It is God who loves us in spite of anything and everything. We forget that and instead look to someone else.

And when we look to someone else, when we see the flaws, when the person does not give us everything we want, we become dissatisfied. Let me tell you that no one can give us what we need, no one can make us truly happy as God can. It is to Him we should go, it is to Him we should look to for happiness, contentment, joy, peace. It is to Him we should sing “Nobody, nobody but You. I want nobody, nobody but You.”


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