Now I’m standing alone with a lost soul, an empty heart and a shattered life. I’m still trying to face a new life , I’m still in pain. I still cry everytime I remember it. Given so much, nothing left but pain.

MASAKIT pero tama na. enough is enough….

My God is having a workshop in my life. I’m expecting more testings, molding this season. More virtues to be developed, more pains to be gained. But these are all needed because I know He’s preparing me for something greater!!!something that will make me a better person, stronger than before. I know it’s hard, but i know there will always be someone whose willing to give me a new heart, a heart that after HIM alone. We can never rely everything to the creation but to the CREATOR alone (taaama!)…

People hurt us for some reason, but i’ve learned na we should not allow people to hurt us but rather, we must be wise as well, not just emotions, but use our mind as well. Why i learned things the hard way??? tigas kasi ulo noh? no ones to be blame…. I know in HIS time, this pain will be gone.. i know it takes time and so much courage to face life. pero lam ko God will always be there….. sometimes, takes time to realized certain things, pero im gald i still have someone and HIM… Someday, masasabi ko din, ive gone so far, and im learning a lot of things… and now, im much better and stronger than before…..

There are days when I feelThe best of me is ready to begin.Then there’re days when I feelI’m letting go and soaring on the wind.’Cause I’ve learned in laughter or in pain, How to survive.I get on my knees;There I am before the love that changes me.See I don’t know how, but there’s pow’rWhen I’m on my knees.


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