Anong klaseng puso meron ka?

 When we start talkin about moods and emotions, we must begin with the heart. I guess you could say it’s the heart of the matter! We call it the seat of our emotions, and we try to explain our feelings by referring to it. People can be described as hardhearted, softhearted, openhearted, warmhearted, coldhearted, faintheated, or even heartless. Some people wear their heart on their sleeve.
We know what it’s like to lose heart, take heart, have our heart set on something, have a change of heart, and have our hearts skip a beat. We know what it’s like to do something to our heart’s content. We can be heavyhearted, halfhearted or lighthearted. A story can be heartwarming, heartwrenching, or heartening. We can share from our hearts, set our hearts on a thing, learn something by heart, and have our hearts in the right place and win the heart of others. We have known heartache. We have been heartsick.
Some days, we don’t have the heart to face our work. Other days, we tackle the job heartily, going at it heart and soul. Those we love are always close to our hearts. We have people who are dear to our hearts set our hearts at rest. We know the kind of things that do a heart good. We have read God’s Word and taken it to heart. We have given heartfelt thanks for the blessings we recieve. We know in our hearts of hearts, the right thing to do. And I hope, from the bottom of my heart, you will follow after God with all your heart. Whew! How about a hearty amen to that! Nahanap mo ba ang puso mo????
PAALALA: Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.

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