He is the One

One of our deepest longings is to be loved and cherished. We look for someone who would make us feel special and complete. We dream of the day when we can finally declare before our friends, “He is the one!” This dream became real to me when I got involved in a relationship. My days were filled with joy and laughter as I spent them with him. He was God’s precious gift to me and I was really hoping he would be the one I would marry. But my hopes were shattered when the relationship suddenly ended. The pain of losing him was unbearable because I had strong feelings for him during that time. We only agreed to end it because we knew it was best for us. The relationship was becoming destructive. He became my source of life. I depended on him to sustain me and relied on the love he could give me. Out of my desire to keep the relationship intact, I made foolish and selfish decisions that became the source of pain for him and my family.
It was so important to me that I even allowed it to occupy the space in my heart that rightfully belonged to God. It was never meant to give me life. “But anything which we cling on to give us Life apart from God will, sooner or later, become an adversary, because it just cannot offer us what it was never meant to.” God is the only One who can give me life. And He finally had the opportunity to do that when the relationship ended. He comforted me during the adversity and began to occupy the empty space in my heart. As He lavished me with His love, it became easier for me to make Him my only source of life. When the people we cherish love us, the joy it brings is immeasurable. But then it pales in comparison when placed side by side with God’s love for us.
Only God is able to fulfill our deepest longings and make us feel complete. God is our true Lover. He is the One! Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Kristina Sy Young Women on the Journey

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