The Town of Weckplyff

The Town of Weckplyff

In a place not very far from where you are, there is a little town called Weckplyff. In this town, there are creatures called Wumwums. These creatures are an interesting folk. They need only to drink clear water from a river that flows right through the center of the town and they don’t even need to eat. They have very colorful hair, bright blue eyes, pink skin and they all have dimples. They are very delightful creatures, as they love frolicking in the many playgrounds scattered all over Weckplyff. Now, the one thing that makes each wumwum special is that each and every wumwum is born with a creampuff, a creampuff that is unique from everyone else’s. Now the greatest desire of every wumwum is to find another special wumwum to share the creampuff with. While wumwums are still wummings, they already have this desire in their tiny hearts.

Now there was a certain wumwum who found that this desire in his tiny heart was overflowing. He had already given bits of his creampuff to many different wumwums. Once, he gave a bit to a wumwum who tasted it and said that it was just too sweet. Another time, he gave a bit to a wumwum who found his creampuff to be not sweet enough. Then, he had also given a bit of his unique creampuff to a wumwum who just tasted it and left. There were many other times when he gave little pieces of his creampuff to other wumwums.

Now, our young wumwum met a female wumwum who was very, very nice. She had green hair and her dimples had the most perfect shape that a dimple could ever have. Her skin was a little bit pinker than the other wumwums and her blue eyes seemed to twinkle whenever she smiled. But the special thing about her is that her creampuff tasted just right. It was not too sweet nor was it too bland. Sure, it had a few bits taken from it but there was still plenty left for our young friend. And, it tasted just right.

So they stayed together for 2 years (which is quite long since a wumwum only lives for about 13 years) enjoying each other’s creampuffs. They had so much fun together and when they were not together, all they could think of was how to be together again.

Surely , our young friend thought, she’s the one for me. I will give her the rest of my creampuff! and so he did. And she gave him what was left of her creampuff too. Everything went well until after the 3rd year. The playgrounds started to get boring and their creampuffs started to taste too familiar. Sadly, they decided to part ways.

Can you please give me back my creampuff? said our young friend.
And of course, since she loved him, she gave it back to him. She opened her mouth and let the creampuff fall into the hands of our sad friend. Forcing a smile, he said thank you and opened his mouth to return her creampuff too. It was a very, very sad day for both of them. As he strolled along the river at the center of Weckplyff, he stared at his creampuff. There it was, in his hands, all chewed up and ruined. It has gotten smaller and smaller since he gave so much of it to other wumwums in the past and it has already lost its shape so much that it didn’t even look like a creampuff anymore. He felt very bad about his creampuff. He also felt very sorry for chewing and ruining the creampuff of the wumwum he loved. He was really very sad.

As he stared at his creampuff, he was about to cry. Just then, another wumwum sat beside him and asked Why are you crying?

So our friend lifted his hands to the wumwum to show her the ruined creampuff and said Look at this. It’s ruined. It’s such a mess that I don’t think anyone would want my creampuff anymore. Would YOU try to taste my creampuff to see if it’s still ok?

The other wumwum felt pity for our friend and told him that her creampuff was still very new and asked him if he wanted a new creampuff too. Now this was very strange because to wumwums, creampuffs cannot be made! But because he wanted a new creampuff so badly, he decided to go with his new wumwum friend to meet this Creampuff Maker that she talked about.

When they arrived, he saw a huge house at the very far end of the town. This was a part of Weckplyff that he has never been to. As he entered the humongous house, a Big Wumwum welcomed them and said I knew that you would come today and you’re just on time. I have a new creampuff just for you. But before I give it to you, may I see the old creampuff you have?

Surprised to know that he was expected, our friend lifted up his hands and showed the Big Wumwum his ruined creampuff. It was all ruined and messy and it was already very small. He felt very bad because he thought that his was so ruined and small that he won’t be able to trade it anymore. But the Big Wumwum just smiled, took the old creampuff and said Thank you for your old creampuff. It is very, very special to me.

This surprised our young friend. How could my old creampuff, chewed and ruined and given away, be worth anything to this Big Wumwum who himself knew how to make creampuffs?

The Big Wumwum knew what he was thinking so he answered him. Little one, you don’t know that all the creampuffs that you have tasted and all the creampuffs that you have come from me. You see the river that flows through Weckplyff? This river comes from my house. I never turn off the water so that everyone has plenty to drink. And out of this water, I make your creampuffs. Now, Little One, I will give you a new creampuff but I would like to ask you one favor: I would very much not want you to be sad again. So if you will let me, would you give your new creampuff to me? I won’t eat it. I will just keep it for you and I will keep it safe so that when the right wumwum comes, I will give you back your creampuff and you will be very happy.


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