Conquest 2012

The first time Ptr introduced this conquest, I just said to myself, “Lord dito nalang ako, I’ll just play during mid week service, week of fire, and I’m very  much willing to play sa encounter weekend or any event. ” But  when our Youth Pres told me na to attend this conquest conference in Bataan, I said to myself “Shocks, why me?” but I obeyed. During the conference, I begin to understand what is this conquest really all about. And God spoke to my heart that the reason why I’m here it’s because God wants to use me, not just playing instrument but to be an instrument to win others for Jesus. I know some of us find it so hard, well, yes, if we are not prepared enough for this battle, but God wants us to be ready always, a real solider’s for Christ, who will stand up and fight for this  great Cause! 


Nag conquest na kami nila te gie, monique and jul last last week and then this week. And I wanna share this short story …



The first thursday( instead of having a cell group lesson, our cell leader said na let’s do the conquest!) Ayon, at 7pm, let the battle begin! eheheh! Habang naghahanap kami ng ipagpray ni i monic  tinitingnan namin yong relo namin, and naisip namin na, madami na nasayang na kaluluwa sa mga oras na to if  wala pa tayo makita. So we asked God kahit isang tao lang Lord, then meron nga, but sabi namin busy siya (hindi dapat ganun) , so hanap uli kami, until we came to this street na madami youth, sabi namin, “Lord isa lang pwede na, but madami sila (8) , we tried to go to another street, but may nagsasabi sa amin na go back to that street. So yon, we offered free prayers and everything was ok. They filled out those forms and we prayed.  “Whew, mas kakaiba to sa pagsosong lead jackie”, moniq said. yeah it’s more than doing ministry inside the church!


This week, we did the second visit but this time, ibang iba na, parang I said the battle has just began!whew!!

Last thursday night we were in a battle for the souls of mankind, we war against Satan and all of the forces of evil in the universe (my gush! what a great experience! )  Doing conquest is a battle, you really have to be prepared spiritually and emotionally because the enemy has established his kingdom in the hearts of men and women. That kingdom must be destroyed and Christ’s kingdom established, no small task for the church. But it can be accomplished.


One weapon God has placed within the church that can tear down the strongholds of Satan was used mightily in both the Old and New Testaments and throughout the history of the church.It’s the life that is totally yielded to God. That person holds nothing dear to himself except Jesus and His glory. That life will contradict the culture of the day.


God is looking for men and women who will not be conformed to society but rather transformed by the Holy Spirit into the image of Jesus. This life will cry out, “I want Jesus more than I want anything!” Where are the men and women who are willing to lose everything to gain God’s glory on earth?  Too many of us think we can have God’s glory at little or no cost. Our tendency is to seek miracles rather than God. We seek to bask in the comfort of blessings rather than focus on “the old rugged cross, the emblem of suffering and shame.” –


It’s time to get out from our comfort zone and start commission our souls for this great cause to save the lost. It’s not enough that we have known Christ, we experienced Christ but we should share Christ’s love to others. 



This is our ministry! (it’s worth than playing instrument!)

This is our battle!

100% sold out to God to his goals, vision and purpose, no holding back, no reservation!



When the young people just focus on what God wants them to do, we will populate heaven and plunder hell. We will see a generation that will make history.


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