Ako naman!

This not the end. This is just the beginning.

wooooot! Ang dami nangyari today,may malungkot and may masaya. ahahah! one sad thing, got a fight with one of my friend, idk who started the fight,  but i guess pareho kaming mali, just because I said something, nagreact agad, whew! But at least wala pang 24hrs, ok na, ahahah! I was leaking that night,  Kala ko ala na, ahahah!  People come and go, they’ll drift in and out of your life. Well at least, I didnt end up of lossing him (ahahah!hmf!).You know who you are, get read yourself, malaking kurot at kagat aabutin mo! grrrh!!

Ung good news naman,  Plan B accomplished, thanks to Jesus and to my beloved cell leader for helping me. Pag nag stepped out ka tlaga in faith, God will do the rest, seeing the impossible to possible. I know God has so much in store for me. whoooooooo! I know im blessed Lord, but I want more!!!! Great things has yet to come!

In all these, I’ve learned to love and trust God more and to surrender everything to Him because HE is truly faithful in keeping His promises!

Thanks Jesus for the friends you gave, yeah, when you’ve learned to let go of the things na dapat, surely God will provide new ones, and Im glad na nakinig at nag-obey ako, no regrets!


*PS* Im going to have din like your piqato* ahahah!!!


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