Journey of mine…

I had a good and wonderful day today, with my dear cousin and it’s like we’ve been chit chatting all day, and had a good breakfast and lunch together. At somehow, in the midst of being happy, sometimes sadness comes. Evening comes, and it’s like something is really going to happen tonight, and kaya pala i want to go somewhere else, coz i sensed na may mangyyri, I asked one of my friend if we could go to a plce where we can rest, talk and walk for a while, but it was too late para lumabas, so they decided to just stay where i am staying. Ayon, then just right before they decided to go home, something really happened, unexpected moments.

Well, after that “moment” , i cried out to God. And I came up with this thought “

“This heartaches comes over me whenever the Lord is preparing for something larger, greater blessings for my life and ministry. I know God will help me to endure prolonged journey. My heart and praise belongs to the God of journey…”

I know greater things has yet to come.

Ang masasabi ko lang, until now it’s like you’ve put all the blamed in me for not having that person na gustong gusto mo, I’ll say, why not asked that person so that you’ll find answers. Whatever you have right now, still decision mo parin yon,it was still you na gumawa para andyan or wala ung mga bagay bagay sayo. I believe na , It still us who make thing at happened,we are still responsible for our own happiness.  I mean, whatever we have right now, yan ang bunga ng past na ginwa natin. And IM BLESSED  and HAPPY kasi tama yong decision ko. I may loss you rather than lossing everybody and lossing the one WHO gave life and joy to me. I know He give and take away, pero one thing is for sure I still have HIM…

I will endure this prolonged journey because of HIM…

sorrow may last for the night , but JOY COMES IN THE MORNING…


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