Faithful God

Thank You Jesus for Your faithfulness in my life. No one can fathom, or can compare to the Your goodness and your unfailing love.  Whatever happened to my life last 2010 I’m fully convinced of this: You have never left me. You have never forsaken me.


Before the year ended, I cried out not because of what I losses, but because of You faithfulness, your goodness, for everything that You have done in my life. If my pain would glorify  You, then bring it on, because I know I’m secured in You. Greater things has yet to come! I am highly favored and blessed! 


More of you my dear Jesus!



As the sun is reborn, And a beautiful morning

Reminds me of Your faithfulness to me

Through the long lonely night

When the darkness hid the light

You gave me grace to trust

And now I see

Even when it’s hard to believe

Even when our hope seems all gone

There has never been a night without a dawn


Faithful God Unfailing Love

Forever You are worthy of my praise

Faithful God Unfailing Love

We can always trust the wisdom

Of Your ways

Faithful God Faithful God



The heavens they are telling

Of the glory of our King

So we join with all creation

Now and sing

Faithful God unfailing love


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