If his reason for not being here, Is because he’s out pursuing You. Strengthening his faith
Discovering Your will. Loving You passionately. My heart will be still

And I can sleep better in the evening.When I think of him, I’ll think of You
When I go crazy over him, I’ll go crazy over You

And I’ll love him, Because You love me
And You love us both.

It would be selfish to ask him from You
Right now when I need him.When I want him,
Because that is not love. You said love is not self-seeking.

I’ll be patient, Because You are patient.
If he’s out prioritizing other things
I will not envy,because You do not.

I will not boast about my achievements
So I can make him like me,because You told me not too.

I will forgive and forgive and forgive
Even though he is unpredictable
Even though I don’t understand him
Even though he makes the same mistakes over and over
I will not keep them.

I don’t want to be easily angered anymore, I will be kind because You are kind.
I will do all these because of LOVE.

So even if he’s not yet mine
I will keep pressing on
I will never stop pursuing.
I will rejoice in You, for in You
The Truth exists
And the Truth is alive

If temptation comes again
I will not fall because of Your grace
because of Your Spirit
because that is not Your will.

Whatever happens
I will love and though this is not the proper time
I just wanna repeat this desire:
“I wanna be with him.I wanna be with him
And I don’t want any other guy”

Sustain my patience.
Thank You
For this joyful anticipation.

I will wait

This is my oath to You.


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