Should We Use Twitter During Church?

5 Reasons You Should Twitter in Church

To tweet in church or not to tweet in church? That is the question.


Thou Shall Not Twitter in Church…Says Who!

I haven’t seen that anywhere in the Bible.  I have seen Twitter in the Bible: “Like a swallow, like a crane, so I twitter…”  Isaiah 38:14 NAS

In all seriousness, there are many people that believe that you shouldn’t Twitter in church.  As a pastor, I personally say, “Get Your Tweet On!”  As a matter of fact, I say “Tweet and Tweet Often!”

Many times, “church people” can look at particular methodology and technology as a negative thing.  Technology is basically neutral; it’s what you do with it that allows it to have positive or negative implications.  I know there are some varying opinions about texting and utilizing social media during church.  Personally, I use the YouVersion  Bible app. on my iPhone during church, and it has this great option of sharing Scripture instantly with the Twitter world.  Not only can you share Scripture with YouVersion, but also any person sitting in any church service around the globe can share thoughts, points, and notes from sermons as they are happening.

Today, we live in a more shared world than ever as information access and people connectedness just happens.  The beauty of this world is that people can engage with God, engage with their past and share pieces of that engagement with the world, all at the same time.  There are entire real, living, breathing online church services where online congregants share information throughout their service.  These services are just as real and God encountering as a physical building.  Again, I say “Tweet and Tweet Often!”

Here are 5 Reasons to Twitter During Church:

  • 1.  You have the opportunity to be a real-time extension of your pastor’s voice while he/she is communicating God’s word.  You and your pastor can do some tag team teaching while you are being fed all at the same time.
  • 2.  If the pastor shares something that moves you, inspires you, or changes your life, there is a good chance it will have the same impact on the lives of some of your Twitter followers as well.  Here is a tweet awhile back from Pastor Steven Furtick— “Preaching recently, I noticed the crowd was too busy tweeting to verbally respond.  Click clack is the new amen.”
  • 3.  When Jesus said: Go into all the world and preach the Gospel… “All the world” applies to the Internet world as well as the Twitter world.  Do your part by going into all the Twitter world, tweeting the Good News.
  • 4.  You will have a stored database of your compelling thoughts and notes from your favorite sermons.  Use a #hashtag to keep up with the information that you share.
  • 5.  Many times, people suffer from (SADD) Sermon Attention Deficit Disorder.  So instead of just wandering off into space, simply wander off into the space of the World Wide Web.  It’s better use of your time Twittering great thoughts, instead of drawing on the back of offering envelops.

Some people, including pastors, get upset and complain about these new age people being a distraction when they are using their mobile phone Bible and Twittering in Church.  I think doodling on the offering envelopes is more distracting…Hmm, I have not seen a big push to remove those offering envelopes from the church.

Thou Shall Twitter in Church, Remember God’s Omnipresence applies to Twitter as well.  Get Your Tweet On!

One way to do that is to use Twitter (after the Sunday service) to share what you learned from the Sunday sermon. I think it’s a great witness to unbelieving friends and an encouragement to fellow-Christians who follow you on Twitter to see that you’re hearing and seeking to apply the sermon you heard Sunday.

But it’s also a good witness for them to see that something so important, so essential, so holy happens on Sunday morning when God’s church gathers that Twitter takes a back seat. When God is speaking again through his word, we should all be silent—and so should our Twitter feeds. 


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