Panaginip na parang walang katapusan… :(

Napanaginipan kita! ano kaya yun?

I know not what the future holds – What in one hour maybe; But I can wait while it unfolds, And trust implicitly.

Way back 2006. No conversation happened, not even a hi and hello. And years have passed, I remember myself browsing his account, not even knowing that I spent almost an hour scanning and reading his profile.

Last year, started my dream, the weirdest dream I’ve ever had. I asked God to give me a dream, a dream na kakaiba naman. Suddenly, you appeared in my dream, then the next day, you appeared again ( nag joke pa ako sa sarili ko na, “hindi na naman umuwi to sa bahay nila kasi nasa panaginip ko!” hahaha) you appeared many times, till this present , there were events na di ko  matandaan, but some are memorable. Yet some ay nangyari  na. WEIRD NOH? Same as this picture, I knew it, not doing any effort, bang! It happened! Ayon, lahat history!hahaha

I have this question  in mind na, bakit nangyayari yong iba, i mean, same scenario na nakita ko sa dream, same din dun sa reality…  Sometimes, Im wondering, bakit yong mga ibang napapanaginipan ko, parang hindi naman nagssynchronize sa reality. What I’ve seen in my dreams, hindi yon yong nakikita ko sa realidad na buhay, although some, pero may event na hindi.

I know I have no reason to question HIM, sometimes it just break my heart, whenever i wake up in the morning na ikaw na naman ung napapanaginipan ko. This heartaches comes over me whenever the Lord is preparing for something larger, greater blessings for my life (sa lahat ng aspect ng buhay ko) .Still looking and praying for the answer, or is God just testing my patience, and how will I endure in everything. I mean, it’s a no joke for me kasi it’s not easy to wait, then may mga ganung scenes nangyayari. Yet, still thankful for everything, whatever reason He may have for me, I know it is something na alam ko good for me.  Everything happens for a reason. When I fall down because I didn’t get what I want, I should just be happy because God’s thinking of something better for me.  I know God will help me to endure prolonged journey. (Si Lord talaga, pinapakilig lang ako! 🙂 hehahah!

God is at work in my life right now and even if I do not understand it. But it’s much easier and profitable If I cooperate with Him!

I guess, I should just enjoy whenever I wake up in the morning na ikaw na naman ung nasa dream ko, at least may pinapanood akong parang fairytale sa panaginip ko(hahaha, parang bata eh). Infairness, maganda naman din yong gising ko!

I just remind myself of this everyday, specially at times that i feel something different and weird na … It say’s don’t awaken love if it’s not the right time… Yeah I know it’s not easy to wait and it’s a big challenge for some, but I’m glad for almost 20+ years of living, Im saving this heart to the one that God has for me. The only joy that I hold now is to know in my heart that somewhere out there, there’s someone who is waiting for me too.. ^_^

I asked one of our leaders, kung ano talaga yong function ng dream. It says, dreams are the language of the Spirit and it’s God’s one way of allowing us to see a glimpse of our future. Never neglect every single dream. I can agree with this one of course, madami narin mga bagay na nangyari. Yong Pag nangyari ang isang bagay, alam ko it already happened in my dreams na.

But of course, not all naman. So…

I know God is preparing me for something better. To the person who always appears in my dream,  THANK YOU! Why thanks? Di ko rin alam. I may not know your situation right now, what you’ve  been going through, Kung ano man ung nadi-discern ko, (akin nalang un) Bsta, hindi ako yun! (hahaha). Yeah, somehow ramdam ko naman kung ano yon, your love story has already written by God way back in eternity… Now the pages are being opened one by one.. hindi pa nga lang siguro dumarating sa “chapter” kung saan darating na yung si the one mo, basta just be an active waiter, serving God to the fullest! God knows your heart, and you are highly favored and blessed.  God is molding you and preparing you for greater, your latter will be greater than your past. Hold on! In His time God will eventually reveal the things na tinatanong mo kay Lord. No matter what happens here on earth, we have the promise of a life beyond this one, a life that is too great to fathom. Thanks for the friendship menn, sa pagiging funny na suplado!hahaha! Nothing less, nothing more.

God has already arranged great things for us. We may not be able to see them or figure them out, but that’s okay. Let’s just stay in faith and we’ll be amazed at how God will works things out for our good.

We all have different journeys to take – unique that no one else will experience, so if it’s not our time, it’s not our time.Better to go with God’s destiny than our own. And Im blessed that this is my time, God made things out for my good.

Feel relieved now. Not because of coffee, pero sa kadahilanang, naisulat ko din ito.

May 16, 2011 – JaekiCoffee

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