Follow @omflit On Twitter (and win prizes too!)

Want to win free books and OMF Lit Gift Certificates? It”s as easy as tweeting! We mean, really, all you need to do is tweet and help us reach more people on Twitter

Here’s how:

1. Follow us on Twitter – @omflit

2. Tweet about your favorite book or current read
For example:
My favorite book is ____________
I highly recommend _______________
I am currently reading _________________

Remember, you are not limited to the examples above. You can be as creative as you can with 140 characters 🙂

3. Include this at the end:
Follow @omflit 4 reading/writing tips & book suggestions

4. IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to tag @omflit – otherwise, we wouldn’t know you joined

5. We will be randomly choosing one winner each day, from June 15-June 30. We’ll announce the prize every morning and the winner the day after

Oh, and you may ask, why should they follow us on Twitter? We give you

  • Daily Reading and Writing Tips
  • Book Suggestions (local, republished and imported)
  • Links to interesting articles related to books and writing
  • Recommendations on which writers you can follow on Twitter

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