Review Thursday: Jaeki Reviews Lovestruck by Ronald Molmisa

Yan ang lagi mong tinatanong sa sarili mo. Every time you feel yourself falling for someone, you always wonder if it’s the real thing. Paano nga ba malalaman kung siya ang the one? Pano nga ba?

Twice ko na nabasa ang book na to, pero gusto ko siyang ulit ulitin basahin kasi that’s what i feel today, love ko nga ba siya or i just love the feeling of being in love. While reading this book, mas narealize ko pa at na discover ko pa yong purpose ko as a single person.

As humans, one of our deepest longings is to be loved and cherished. We tend to look for poeple or someone who would make us feel special and complete.It’s so sad that some young people hunt for their Mr./Ms. Right not even realizing na being right is much more important than looking for mr./ms. right. That’s why some young people fall into the pit or go into wrong directions and decisions in searching for true love. If we want true love, we must go first to the Author and source of love, Jesus. Habang hinihintay ang pagdating ni Mr/Ms right, be the right person.

Ang love parang triangle daw yan, Si Lord and nasa tuktok ng tatsulok at yong girl at lalaki ay nasa magkabilang dulo ng baba ng tatsulok. Aminin ko, kinilig ako sa part nato,kasi habang pareho silang lumalapit kay Lord, mas lalong napapalit sa isa’t isa. SO God must be always at the center of the relationship, kasi kung hindi, hindi mag wo-work out yong relationship, wala din ung 2 years, 4 years or 10 years man yan. Partners should have the same focus. So huwag makipag relationship sa kung sino sino, just because you both love each other. Christians must always set a godly standard. We must honor God in our relationships with others.

I know my love story has been written way back eternity but siguro ngayon, hindi pa ako dumating sa chapter ng life na kung saan dumating na yong “the one”. I’ll be patiently wait for the one that He has prepared for me.

The real one whom we should be lovestruck with is God.

Only God is able to fulfill our deepest longings and make us feel complete. God is our true Lover. He is the One! Our endless love. Si Lord ang greatest love affair mo. And I know God honors our heart, and im sure if He sees our hearts that we’re ready for a commitment, I know someday, in His perfect time, He will reveal that someone He prepared for us.

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