Take Time To Realize

Do you usually end up your day like this, “Hay, it’s just an ordinary day?” You see things simply as the way it is. Pero haven’t you ever thought na a lot of times we are missing the obvious? I mean a lot!

That’s why take a little break. Take time to REALize these things.

Do you know that the Sun is like a ball of fire? It is not just a little star twinkling twinkling in the sky coz it is HUGE! Even though it looks small in the sky it is actually bigger than you might imagine. It only looks small because it is 93 million miles away.

According to NASA, there are 3,000 visible galaxies in the universe. Wow! That’s a lot. And Milky Way is one of the galaxies mentioned which is our subdivision of the Solar System.

An average person will secrete sweat 1 litre per day, increasing to more than10 litre per day in a hot environment or during vigorous exercise.

Whenever you play badminton where it is ‘competitive’,you are burning 346 calories per hour. Sounds good for those who are in a diet. Playing badminton regularly increases the levels of HDL good cholesterol while decreasing the levels of bad cholesterols.

I just learned about this… An average person takes in 21,600 breaths per day. Our body requires 88 pounds of oxygen per day. Sighing or yawning is a sign that you are not getting enough oxygen.

Earthworms? The earthworm is a well-known fishing bait, and it is sometimes called a fishworm or angleworm. Do you know that an earthworm has five pairs of “hearts” in the front part of its body. The “hearts” help circulate the worm’s blood.

These are simple facts about life how we live and see things but have you ever thought about this? Do you think there is more to see to the life you’re up to? The truth is… there are more! At times, we are much preoccupied thinking more about ourself and missing the things that are so obvious.

Or lets just put it this way, when was the last time you encouraged someone?

When was the last time you said ‘I Love You’ to your parents?

When was the last time you thank God for the life He has given you?


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