Ikaw Lamang lyrics

Ikaw Lamang lyrics
– Rommel Guevarra

O Diyos sa kabutihan Mo
Ako’y naririto upang magpuri Sayo
O Dios sa kabanalan Mo
Malulugod ako
Buhay ay iniaalay ko

Ikaw lamang ang nagtiwala saakin
O Dios di kita bibiguin
Magtatapat Sayo
Maglilingkod ako
O Dios kay buti Mo.

While listening to this song here at the office, whew, just can’t help but to thanked God for all the things that He has done in my life. Sobrang sobrang pagpapala at kabutihan ni Lord for this 2011. I thank God for walking me through many trials in my life, only to grow closer to Him. I am forever thankful to my GOD for never giving up on me and for inspiring me. . I have felt HIS absence only to realize it is I who was absent not GOD. My life is richer having realized that for all the tribulations in my life the miracles far out numbered them. Life is a gift and sometimes in this world when we are at our lowest we look upon it as a curse. Without God… living is the hardest thing in the world to do. Priorities tend to shift to what is important in a material sense rather than the spiritual since. I need God in my life and I thank him for remaining with me while I tested his words. I can say that I’m blessed!


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