Reactive quitting v.s. Strategic quitting – BOMB


I. Reactive Quitting

Matthew 27:5


Quitting that reacts negatively.



Judas- nagsuicide siya dahil nag quit siya. He respond negatively.


Do react to quit?

Kung ang reaction mo negative, reactive quitting ‘yon.


Example of reactive quitter:

– Naging busy sa work, nag give-up sa ministry.

– Mas pinili ang lovelife.

– Pag pinapagalitan, nag rereact ng negative.


You have two option on reaction:




“Don’t let the situation controls you. Control the situation.”

II. Strategic quitting


Illustration: David v.s. Goliath


He quits on being a shepherd. Kung hindi siya nagquit, di siya magiging king.

Quit when there’s nothing happened on your old strategy. Quit and aim for the next level.


“Mag quit ka sa ginagawa mong mali. Hindi sa Lord.”


Move to the next level!


Things that are not working in your life:


*l Methods that are not working.

*l Relationship that are not pleasing to God.

*l Activities or programs that you are belong to.

*l Mindset that are not working.

*l Jobs that are not helpful.


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