A life can change in an instant. One moment we are walking on our cozy, familiar ways, where we take everything for granted, the next we find ourselves in a strange and alien realm without even comprehending how we got there. We can never tell where life is going to take us. Our small universe can grow or become even smaller over night and we can get robbed of everything we hold dear.

What can we take with us over the threshold of pain, losses and fear? What can we cling to when the crazy waves tear us away from the comfortable shore and throw us into a world of chaos and distress? Where can we find our refuge when all our fortresses crumble to the ground?

The answer is not as far as we imagine. It is, in fact, very close to us. We live in a big world, in the middle of a huge universe, full of surprises and unexpected turns. Yet this universe has a Master. The one who created it knows every single corner and every single step. He can go as deep or as high as He wishes, He can see beyond time and space, through darkness or opacity. Nothing is hidden from His eyes and nothing will ever be. The huge waves don’t make Him hide nor the tough winds make Him tremble.

The God in whom we trust and to whom we entrust ourselves is always there, eternal and true, unchanging and unafraid, forever faithful to the ones who reach out to Him. God is not bound by anything but by his own word. The same word that once said: “Let it be light.” He created rules and boundaries but He also created the magic world “beyond”. He created the “law” but he also gave an alternative to it, an alternative called “grace”.

To God nothing is impossible. He put the mountains in their place and ordered them to stay still but He also created the faith that can move mountains. He created the cycle of life but He also created the spirit that can defy the shadows of death. He created everything and He re-created Himself, the one who had never been created, in each of ourselves. And in everything He created, He put a little of the love that surrounds Him, the love that defines Him.

So how can we be oppressed by time when times bows down in front of our friend and our father? How can the circumstances of this life knock us down when we walk hand in hand with the one beyond life and circumstances? How can we be scared of death when the one stronger than death promised he’d be with us forever?

It is all a question of perspective. If we see only here and now, we let ourselves be swallowed by here and now. If we set our mind on earthly things, we cling to them and make them our treasure. And ‘Where thy heart is, there shall thy treasure be also.’

So look above and seek beyond, and see God in all. Where there is trust, there is no worry. Where there is faith, there is no fear. Where there is love, there is no falling.


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