When God Writes Your Lovestory

When God Writes Your Lovestory
~ anonymnous

How many times had I longed and searched for true love? How many nights had I laid awake dreaming of a beautiful romance that would sweep me off my feet – a lasting relationship that wouldn’t end up in heartache? When is the right time? Who is that right person? Where is he now? Do the answers to my questions really exist?

I longed to be loved and cherished. I had made huge sacrifices in every relationship that had come my way. I had given pieces of myself to every person that came into my life – pieces of my emotions, my heart and everything. Until I realize that I’m all by myself. I had asked a lot of people for advice. I had listened carefully to every word that they’ve said. But their guidelines never protected me from experiencing a broken heart and shattered life. I even prayed desperately for decisions and signs in my life. But as I read this book I’ve realized and learn a lot of things. It influenced, inspire and affect my life. It became a good instrument in my well being. I know now that the “beautiful side of love” really exists. The books and movies can’t even touch the version of love that is alive and real in the heart and mind of our God. I realized that it is ten thousand times more magnificent than my widest imagination. All I have to do is to allow and trust Him as He writes perfectly in this precious area of my life.

Mixture of emotions had come to me as I realize that God wants to be involved in my love life. I had never consulted Him entirely in this area of my life. Until I’ve fully understand it in this book. Letting go of this area of my life seemed impossible and yet a soft whisper to my heart reminded me that if I was ever going to be truly happy and fulfilled and if I was ever going to stop making such a mess of things, He had to be in the center. It was a hard and challenging decision. But He begins to heal and restore every mistake in preparation for my true love.

I’ve learned that you cannot really know love if you never know God’s love for you. First thing I did after reading the book is to earnestly seek Him more. I would listen to His voice and fall in love with His word. I’ve learned to lean on my relationship with Christ for every hope, joy and security rather than trying to find those things in a romantic relationship.

God didn’t give that person in my life instantly now. But I know and believe that He would give it in the future. All in His perfect time. All I have to do is to willingly remain pure and faithful, focused on honoring him before we met because I know that he’s worth waiting for.

All the questions that have been grumbling in my mind had been thrown away. I am now more focused in my personal intimate relationship with God. My love for the Lord overflows and that the only question I genuinely ask is “How can I please you, Lord?” He will show it in a gentle, subtle and daily basis. I know that He has a unique and special plan for my life. I have given Him the pen in writing my love story. A true turning point of my life. A decision that I won’t regret for the rest of my life.

“Do not pray for easy lives!
Pray to be stronger men.
Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers.
Pray for powers equal to your tasks.
Then the doing of your work shall be no miracle,
But you shall be a miracle..”

Be assured, if you walk with Him and look to Him and expect help from Him, He will never fail you.


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