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Hallelujah Talaga Production is a Christian TV production that encourages, instructs, and exhorts viewers and participants to live the abundant life that the Lord Jesus Christ delivered by His birth, life, death, resurrection, and written promise to return.




To engage in worldwide evangelism and discipleship by creating and broadcasting Christ-centered, multi-media programs such as a Bible game show.
It aims to fulfill this mission through:
1. Daily noon-time Bible game shows with wholesome fun and prizes;
2. Documentaries of changed lives and redeemed communities;
3. Praise and worship music;
4. Movies and drama series of different genre;
5. Talk shows, interviews, commentaries;
6. Sports and recreational event coverage;
7. Good news reporting, and many more!



Become the Philippine and worldwide trendsetter in Bible-based game shows and other TV and cinematic productions.


Core Purpose

The core purpose of the show is to encourage the viewers to open and read the Bible, to promote values, unity, love for the country, and above all love for God.


Visit : Hallelujah Talaga!


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