Lesson learn from tug of war.

Lagi ko naririnig itong tug of war game lalo na pag malapit na ang camp… Ano ba meron sa larong ito? I don’t even play this kind of game kasi mukhang nakakapagod at kailangan ng buong effort para manalo. Minsan di natin inaakala na  in real life or in reality, we’re actually playing tug of war with God.  

Minsan,  God wants to build our faith like building muscles so God will stretch our faith.

Nobody likes to be stretched because there is a tug-of-war of what we should do and what we should not do. Ayaw nating ma stretched kasi may mga bagay na ayaw nating mapilitang gumawa ng decisions sa buhay natin,  it forces us to make a decision.

Pero kailangan nating maintindihan na  if God is stretching a portion of our life, it is best for us to cooperate with Him kasi God is up to something important and God knows exactly what He is doing. King f Kings, Lord of Lords, Creator of all things nagddoudbt pa tayo sa mga will ni Lord? God is going to stretch our trust at times because God knows the challenge that is coming around the corner. 

We are going to get stretched out in the world. We are going to get stretched with temptations and opportunities. Remember, not every opportunity is from God.

Nagkakaroon ng  tug-of-war kasi God is transforming us. He is moving us forward into the likeness of Christ. How is He going to do that? It is going to happen in the stretch. If we stop stretching, we stop growing. Yes! Exactly!  Kaya minsan may mga nag-gigive up kasi mas gusto lang nila gawin yong mga bagay na gusto nila, pero diba dapat hindi lang yong gusto mo ang gawin mo but yong dapat mong gawin.

As we get older as Christians, we do not necessarily get more mature as Christians. Growing old is not the same as growing up. God is going to stretch us a little bit and we must constantly keep making decisions to be stretched. There is a purpose to being stretched.

How do we cooperate with God and grow in the stretch?


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