Strengthened in Him

Facing each and every one of the challenges I meet daily, I go with full confidence that God goes before me bringing down every force of the adversary. I know that to enter into conquest is to confront adverse powers, but I will defeat all of them in the name of the Lord Jesus.

The people of Israel could not let circumstances guide them, because these were saying everything contrary to what God was speaking to them. And if they looked at the great, walled cities, their tall inhabitants; they would have practically gone back to the dessert. But they had to strengthen themselves in God; without looking right nor left (v.1-2).

Today is the grand day of the miracle and the conquest.

I know God has made all a warrior and that I must go in and do spiritual warfare to bring down the adverse forces that have stood up to prevent the people of my city to come to the Lord. In the measure I intercede, cleansing the air, Jehovah is going before me, destroying all the powers of evil.

By: Manuela Castellanos


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