Act the person you want to become

Listen, you need to act the person you want to become and live the way God has called you to, before you get the title or recognition. From the time he was anointed, and even before, David, and Joseph as well, behaved as the people they wanted to be. Whatever you don’t conquer, conquers you. Therefore, we need to have faith and live proactively. In other words, if you want to be a millionaire, you need to give a millionaire’s tips. If you want to be somebody great, you need to read and prepare yourself because you are a prophet of your own destiny. God gave you that capacity.

Albert Einstein said: ‘You should be bothered about the future because you will live in it and your children will too.’ At this time God is taking us out of our comfort zone because that’s where we get stuck in a rut about what we want to be. Before David killed Goliath he had already killed two giants: a bear and a lion. He killed these in an effort to care for the sheep which God used to train him to be king of the great nation of Israel. From a very young age David acted in accordance with what he wanted to become; he was a brave warrior; a musician singing songs about the situations he found himself in (without giving it a thought that they would still be recorded today in the psalms that help us so much); he was powerful; a man of war; prudent with his words; anointed; and God was with him.

This was the kind of person he was known as among those around him even before he became a public figure. He acted in accordance with his dreams, just like Joseph also did. Joseph was such a dynamic, focused, excellent, spiritual and upright person, and a dreamer. He was all this before he became the most important man, after Pharaoh, in the most important country of the time.

How did he achieve all this? He believed he could be someone extraordinary and, just like David, visualised what he would become. I think if they were here now, they would say, ‘Hey, come on, act the person you want to become. From now on, speak the way you want to be, think as you want to be, and act exactly as you want to be.’

This isn’t just about one isolated moment or action. It’s not about how you are feeling at a particular time. It’s about making a decision that will affect every day of your life; it’s something that you can’t compromise on. Don’t just look at Joseph and David and think it’s just for them – they would want every one of you to follow their example fully.

Let’s not forget that they also went through difficult and painful times, but they didn’t focus on them; they focused rather on the future, on what was coming and on what they wanted to become. Just like Jesus on his way to Calvary; he was suffering such pain, but he focused rather on the millions of souls he would save by his death. Come on, let’s do something to change the history of mankind! We’re still in time!

Don’t forget that your future is in God’s past, because He’s already secured the best for you. So, don’t just live based on your feelings; live and act like the person you want to become.

By: Richard Santiago


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