Revival means a GREAT CHANGE!

Revival means a GREAT CHANGE! And I believe that only God causes people to change, and He is the only one who could change a person. If God could change a person, God could change a Nation! So if we want Revival in our Land, everyone must draw near to Him, and Him to us. Win and Disciple the Nation, and the will definitely change, then Revival will happen!

And just a reminder, REVIVAL is not MAGIC, but REVIVAL IS INTENTIONAL. It requires passion for God, compassion for people! It requires hard work, tears, investments, and everything that we’ve got!! Being an agent of Revival/ Change is not just part of us, but it is WHO WE ARE! At home, you bring change! At school or workplace you bring change! At church, you bring change! wherever you are, you bring change! WE BRING CHANGE!! 🙂

by: Dineriel Grace Ballano



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