Called to be People of Influence

Daniel 1

Our influence is lived out more than spoken. Our actions speak louder than our words.

1) V.8 Daniel was a young Jew held captive in Babylon, forces to accept the contaminated customs of a society that didn’t know the God of Israel. Despite this, he determined in his heart not to contaminate himself with that which, at that time, seemed like the only way to go forward. It is the same today, we are in danger of living in the moulds they want to impose on us, but we young people we also have the ability to judge for ourselves, to choose our outcome and to follow our own convictions.

Daniel sets an example of what to do at crucial moments in our lives, as it’s in exactly those situations that we have to make decisions that will probably shape our future.

We often think that the situations we find ourselves in, are a consequence of social, economic or family difficulties that we have had to face and because of that our dreams and goals have been shattered. But this is not the case.

Always remember that your future depends solely on the way you decide to face the circumstances God himself has allowed you to experience.

It is at times where we don’t fully understand what’s going on that our convictions as Christians are tested the most; it is much easier to follow the crowd than to take a stand against the pressures of sin.

Daniel, while in a lonely place, made a firm and possibly dangerous decision, but it was a decision that would surely mark his destiny in a definitive way.

Don’t get tired of fighting, of standing firm in your beliefs that you one day decided to embrace, because without a doubt the moment will come when you will receive the reward from our just God who you have decided to please. Psalm 126:6: ‘He who goes to and fro weeping, carrying his bag of seed, Shall indeed come again with a shout of joy, bringing his sheaves with him’

2) V.12 Your position of leadership should bring you to a realization that many people will look to you as an example and that most of their principles and what they do will be affected by what they see in you.

At first this book talks about how Daniel personally determined something in his heart, but later we find it is not just him who makes the decision to not contaminate himself by eating the king’s food but that his closest friends are motivated to do the same. Remember: We are light in the darkness. Matt 5:14: ‘You are the light of the world ‘, and your decisions not only affect your future but have the power to mark the future of a whole generation.

3) Vs 21. And Daniel remained there until the first year of King Cyrus. This verse covers more than 70 years of history (until the year that Cyrus captured Babylon). When we make the right decision at crucial times in our lives, we can be certain that our legacy will not only extend to our generation but that it will last and impact the coming generations.

The call of God on your life is not only to receive blessing, but also to influence those are around you now, what I mean by that is our call goes beyond religion, it is about a relationship with God, so we must live according to our convictions, no matter the pressures or the circumstances we may experience.

Remember, leadership is influence.

By: Richard Santiago


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