Falling in love with………

Falling in love with………

Milk Tea!

May bago akong napupusuan, I’m loving milk tea! I admit I ws not a big fan of milk tea kasi feeling ko for elder lang siya, but umiinom ako ng coffee, as in mahilig ako sa kape! hahaha! Thanks to my college friend Jham inviting me na mag milk tea at Serenitea, Results World Manila.

Serenitea is my first venture into milk tea shops and I’m loving it! The great thing about this shop is you can control the sugar level that goes to your milk tea (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, or no sugar), diba ang cool, then just add 5php for sinker on your drink.

Sabi nga ni Paul  healthy living daw dapat kasi our body is God’s temple.  His definitely right!

I think, I need to explore and try other milk tea shops. Who’s with me? Tara!

Next target:
-bubble tea
-dong cha


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