Camera vs Photographer

Is  it the camera or the photographer?

(Olympus ‘μ790SW)

“It’s the photographer that takes the picture, not the camera”

This is a very popular saying, and a lot of people agree with it but with the right camera and right lens that person could get much closer to producing a photo that will WOW those who look at it.

It’s true that the photographer is the one that sees the image before him or her and recognizes it’s artistic value and decides to take the photo, how to compose it, what angle to shoot at,but I think the camera and all it’s accessories do make a huge difference. But great imagination cannot be bound by gear.

So is it the photographer or the camera that takes the picture? I think both.

So what am I saying here? Oh well, just want to have my own DSLR one day, that’s it! Hehehe! But for now, I’m enjoying on the things that I have, at least I have one, and it was a gift from my Aunt and Uncle, actually this is my second camera. 🙂 And I love it.


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