Highlights – 2012


God has blessed me with so many wonderful things in 2012 and He has also taught me lessons in life through the hardships, rejections, that I had to face and overcome. I know God is molding me to be a better person and more mature person for the advancement of His Kingdom.

Some highlight of the things that I am very much grateful and thankul for.


*After celebrating my New Year at my hometown (Davao) I got sick.
*First time bumalik ng Makati from a long vacation from Davao na walang nagsundo, hahah!
*I resigned from my job as wed designer and bumalik sa online marketing. I was sad kasi yon yong isang gusto kong ginagawa, pero masaya for another opportunity.
*First ever Prayer Mountain with my discipler.
*Got appointed as M.D of CIF Youth Music team.
*Towards the end of the month, I bought 3 bibles for my cellgroup and supposedly yong money na yon para sa Israel Houghton Concert.


*Won a citpionte concert with meet and greet (Hope is Erupting), wow, may autograph pa. Thnks Truth On Air!
*Attended a Single’s event at Pasig church, yong cell leader ko yong nag speak.
*Date with my disciples
*Someone had a crush on me (winks) ahahah!


*Cell group outdoor, yet was the time when it broke my heart knowing that one of my disciple will be leaving to Cebu. 😦
*I started calling myself as JAE (ako lang nakakaalam).
*Got SEO Project (Linkbuilding)


…to follow..


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