My 2016


It’s been a while since I made my last post on this blog. Thanks to all the visitors who are still visiting my blog even though I have not updated this blog for a long time. I think it’s about time to start posting some new stuff here.

 Time really flies so fast! 2016 is over. 

2016 has been a challenging year not just for me but for my family as well. Ang daming nangyari, unexpected happenings and events in my life, family, ministry and love life!

 My younger sister got married.  Before the year ends, we rush our nephew (1 1/2 month old) to Hospital because of low platelets and was diagnosed na meron siyang Hemangomia, 3 times pabalik-balik ng hospital. And now, nagchemotheraphy siya para mas mabilis yong gamot niya, First week palang and according to the doctor aabot ng 3-6mons yong treatment. And we’re continually praying for God’s sovereign hand to be upon this child for his complete healing.   

 I thank God for the ministry that He entrusted and for the people na binigay niya and for surrounding me with people whom I know and have proven their commitment to God and to the work of His ministry. Hindi lang sila disciples, but friends as well. Siguro may mga umalis man or nagdecide lang sila with no clear reason, It is always my prayer na God will meet them in a very special way. 

Pagdating sa lovelife. I thank God for all the blessing na binigay niya. Hindi ko hinanap, or iniisip, but He reminded me of my prayers and desires when I was in my College days. Yes, nung nagsimula na akong mag-work, hindi ko muna naiisip ang mga ganung bagay and busy committing my life and heart sa ministry na bingay ni Lord. I wasn’t looking for love or someone special but God sent that someone at the right time and at the right season. Iba pag alam mo na kay Lord palang BUO ka na. (I do not encourage young people na pumasok sa relationship habang nag -aaral pa, so please, wait until you’re finish and may work na, at pag may Word na ni Lord). Will blog about this soooon.

Above all, still thankful for His love, faithfulness, greatness at sa mga gagawin Niya this coming new year. I’m counting on God. We’re counting on God. We believe that You are able to create victory in our valley, triumph in our trials and conquests in our conflicts.

 Expect something higher, greater and  SUPERNATURAL to unfold this year!

How about you? How was your 2016?


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