Photography: Telling The Story

You’ve heard that saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ … what if it created a story? A story of the subject, the story of the artist, musician, or journey?

With every image created there is a God-story to be told, a person’s journey, a moment captured in history, a visual stake in the ground.

With every image you create, you are showing Him. Your images can be seen globally, on all platforms, so every image is a visual testimony; of our church, His power, His restoration, His love and goodness. It is key that they represent all we do in the truest form. The heart should always be “how could I reflect God’s creation and journey of this subject in the best way possible?”

Below are some points that stick out to me when capturing someone’s story;

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Whatever you give, He multiplies

Whatever you give to God, He multiplies.



God always gives you more than you need, more than you anticipate, more than you can imagine. He took what the boy gave Him. He broke it, he blessed it, and He used it. That’s what God does in your life. The hard part is the breaking part. But when God takes you and breaks you, He will then bless you. He’ll bless you, and use you to bless others.

If Jesus can feed five thousand people with two loaves of bread and five fish, He can certainly multiply the little you have right now to be more than enough.