Baby William’s Chemo Fund



In the photo above is my nephew William Rayvhen Esguerra.

We call him “Babing” and he is 9 months old. It was on the 3rd week of December 2016 when he was having a low platelet. They rushed him to the hospital, and after 7 days, he was losing platelet again, and the doctor said he has Kasbach-Merritt and Kaposiform Thelioma. He did 12 times chemotherapy already. But this July 28, 2017, his doctor’s advice that he need to undergo another chemotheraphy because his platelet is getting low again and to remove blood from his right upper arm to prevent the clotting to spread.

If you were able to read up to this point, I hope we could ask for your kind help to share some of your provision to finance his treatment. The money raised will be used for the chemotherapy sessions that according to the doctor need to start immediately. Any amount would be a huge help to his full healing and recovery.

Please support this baby warrior for his chemotherapy.

If you are moved to donate to our family please refer to these details:

  • BDO Cash Card

Name: Jackielou Tabuada

Number: 6018539078621806

  • Money Transfer

Name: Janine Esguerra (Mother)

Mobile Number: +63 917 820 4104
Location: Davao City


Photography: Telling The Story

You’ve heard that saying ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ … what if it created a story? A story of the subject, the story of the artist, musician, or journey?

With every image created there is a God-story to be told, a person’s journey, a moment captured in history, a visual stake in the ground.

With every image you create, you are showing Him. Your images can be seen globally, on all platforms, so every image is a visual testimony; of our church, His power, His restoration, His love and goodness. It is key that they represent all we do in the truest form. The heart should always be “how could I reflect God’s creation and journey of this subject in the best way possible?”

Below are some points that stick out to me when capturing someone’s story;

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